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Adding Product Options

  1. Click the "Options" tab in your product's settings page.
  2. Click "Add New Option".
  3. Enter Name, Description, and pick the option type.


Name: Chose the name for your option. i.e. color, size, version, etc...

Description: Currently only used internally.

Default Value: This is currently used for options such as select or radio buttons. This setting sets which value will show up as default.

Type: Select what type of option you wish to create. This can be Drop Down, Textarea, Textbox, Radio Button or Checkbox.

Length: This is only used for textarea or textbox types.

Click the "ADD" icon to the right; you should now see the new option you've created.

If you have created a Drop Down, Radio or Checkbox type option, you can add different selectable items by clicking the "Edit" icon (Should be the first one) to add your option items.

Value: Chose the value for your option item. i.e. red, blue, green, etc...

Price: Add the price modifier for your option item.

Weight: Add your weight modifier if any.

Stock: Set this option items stock value if you wish to keep track of option quantities.

Click the "ADD" icon to the right; you should now see the new option items you've created.

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