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1: Backing Up Your Files

Please make sure that you have backed up your files prior to upgrading.

2: Upload New / Changed Files

When replacing your files, the easiest way to make sure that you do not leave any unnecessary files on the server is to delete all of the files on your server EXCEPT the files and folders listed below. Everything else you can delete safely. If you have made changes or modifications to core files, you can alternatively upload only updated files and get a list of those updated files by reading the change_log.txt located in the docs/ folder.

Files To Save:

  1. /include/config.php - This file has all of your database information and your license key within it.
  2. /images/products/ - This folder contains all of your product images.
  3. /themes/ - This folder contains your themes and template files. If you have made customizations be sure to rename the theme folder or keep a backup.
  4. /admin/reports/ - This folder stores your site reports. It can safely be deleted if you do not need them.

3: Run The Upgrade Script

Ensure that the "install" folder is uploaded into your SunShop directory. Next, navigate to "" changing your domain and SunShop directory as needed.

Step 1: License Agreement

You will need to read the license agreement and agree in order to continue. If you are unable to see a submit button at this point you should try re uploading the install file.

Step 2: Validate License

This step will validate the license key that you have entered into the config.php file in the previous step.

The value for your license key can be retrieved "My TWT" account area at Your key should start with either "SS-", "SSO-", "SSL-" or "SSASP-" followed by a series of numbers and letters.

Step 3: Upgrade Database

Assuming all of the previous steps went smoothly and you have reached this point, the upgrade script will run or attempt to run. Note that if you are upgrading from a version previous to version 4.0 then you may be asked additional information at this point and you may be required to check a "backup satisfaction" box before the upgrade can properly run. Also be sure to notice any messages that may be displayed on screen. Upgrading from older versions of 4.x may reset your admin passwords to improve security and it is important to note these changes.

4: Delete The Install Directory

In order to login to the admin area you will need to first delete the install/ directory. We highly recommend deleting it completely instead of renaming the directory to avoid unauthorized access.

Your upgrade is now complete!

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