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Important: If you are creating a discount that will be applied towards a specific product, you must remember to highlight/select it in the "Product Relations" area as shown in the image below. Similarly, when creating category based discounts, the category(s) must be selected.

Adding Coupons



Coming Soon.

Gift Certificates

Coming Soon.can also be applied by dollar amount, percentage or used towards free shipping. The difference between coupons and discounts is the Coupon Code. This has to be redeemed by entering in the coupon code field during checkout for the discount to take place.

You can also set minimum requirements (amount or quantity)  in order for discounts to be applied by SunShop. Coupons can also be applied to specific user groups, products, categories or global.

Important: If you are creating a coupon that will be applied towards a specific product, user or category, you must remember to highlight/select it in the "Product/Category/User Relations" area as shown in the image below.

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Here is where the Coupon Code itself must be placed before the discount can occur. Note that like discounts, the prerequisites of the coupon must be met before the coupon will apply.

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Adding Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates allow you or your customers to purchase online vouchers in predetermined amounts to be redeemed by other users by submitting a specific code created by SunShop. Customers can purchase these certificates via the storefront and add them to cart, then checkout to purchase. They can also have them sent directly to the recipient themselves, thus automating the process. (You as the store owner can still manage the gift certificates, however).

Below is the interface for customers ordering via the storefront:

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As the administrator, you can create your own Gift Certificates as well. Go to "Coup/Disc" at the top of the administration area, then "Add Gift Certificate". The layout is straightforward:


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Once created, you can go back to view the certificate and have it resent to the recipient, as well as disable or adjust the amounts remaining. You can also see the specific code that was assigned to it for redemption.

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For those actually redeeming a Gift Certificate, this is done via checkout. After the customer enters their mailing and billing address, they are taken to the screen to choose their shipping and payment options. The Gift Certificate field is located here. The amount of the certificate will be used first, followed by the alternate payment method chosen. If the gift certificate amount covers the entire purchase, the alternate payment method is not used.

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